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ADA Compliance

ADA compliance protects you and your company, increases
customer satisfaction and may significantly limit business risks.


The Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA) is almost always known as the regulations that require a physical, business location to be accessible for disabled people.

ADA compliance also regulates website accessibility. It is becoming more and more critical every day for several reasons:Website Accessibility

» Browsers that allow disabled users to surf are becoming more and more common so those users are visiting compliant sites more often.

» Many companies are moving their sites in this direction to show their proper due diligence.

» The fines are very large for companies that are required to be and are not.

» Aside from being required, it is a selling point to show your care for your current user base and for new users.

Having a site that is ADA compliant will satisfy all of these considerations.

Marden Consulting is experienced with auditing websites and working with violations and training.


“I am writing to recommend the services of Jeff Marden from Marden Consulting. Jeff has been working for us for the past fifteen years as our Web Master and Web Site Designer. His knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our website up to date and profitable.”

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