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Web Press Distribution

See how web press releases affordably
can help with user traffic, 
SEO and brand penetration.


Web press releases are consistent with good, overall web marketing practices. They increase user traffic, SEO and help to reinforce and build brand penetration. This supports and increases your marketing dollar in every way.

How web press releases are created and distributed is the key. Web press releases are essentially graded by quality distribution sources. This is done because distribution sources are known to online news outlets by the quality and credibility of the press releases they release. Because of this, quality distribution sources require quality web press releases.

The bottom line is that if you have high quality web press releases created for you and distributed in the proper way, your releases will be widely distributed.

Marden Consulting began creating and using web press releases at the beginning. Initially, there were a very small number of distribution sources. Now there are far too many to count. But there are only a small amount that combine all of the positives:

» They strengthen SEO,
» They increase user traffic,
» They build brand penetration and equity,
» They support social media marketing, and
» They are affordable

Additionally, distributing quality web news releases allow your brand and site to be essentially advertised by Google news alerts – for free. The art is enticing Google news service to distribute your web press releases when pushing out their web news. When done well, all other online news distribution services will follow.

» Contact us so we can discuss how all of this weaves together and how using web press
distribution significantly increases your marketing ROI.

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