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» Unscrupulous Web Development Firms, Grrrrr…

It’s absolutely amazing to me…

"Before you sign any contract, ensure that you'll be able to walk away with the web properties you are buying."  - Jeff Marden

“Before you sign any contract, ensure that you’ll be able to walk away with the web properties you are buying.”
– Jeff Marden

First a little background. My first client came to me in 2001. His firm was a very early adopter of web marketing in my local market. As it was early, most development firms and businesses were figuring out how the web worked and how to play it to your advantage and protect your web properties.

This client had paid a tremendous amount of money for, what at the time was a fine site that launched in 2000. When his contract was up, the developer tried to sign him for another year at a significantly higher price. After discussion and an unresolved situation the vendor stepped away with all of the previously developed web files and the client’s domain name.

What’s absolutely amazing to me is one of my newest, significant clients came to me in 2013 – in the exact same way. They engaged their current developer for a full renovation and re-launch. Over the course of the build he started dropping the ball in serious ways and acted incredibly unprofessionally.

The developer did not stand by his agreed upon scope of work and demanded full payment which the client paid. He did this hoping that the completed project would come. It never did. When the client pressed the developer, the developer essentially quit after receiving full payment with years of previously developed files and the client’s Analytics account.

It’s 14 years later and unscrupulous web development firms still think they can bully and con clients and set up accounts in their own name. I can’t recommend more strongly, before you sign a web services contract, see if you can walk away with your web properties that you’re being asked to pay for. This will tell you more than anything if you can trust them.