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Co-op Profile | Honest Weight Food Co-op

Honest Weight – one of the largest co-ops – critically needed
immediate web marketing 
assistance after a restructuring.


My proposal for Interim Director of Digital Marketing was accepted by Honest Weight Food Co-op because of Marden Consulting’s capabilities and experience, and my previous deep and long-term relationship with them.

This role required a complete development of the position – what its scope, responsibilities and job description would be in the context of what is best for digitally marketing Honest Weight.

This position was responsible for all digital marketing including:

» Web Development: Building the strategy, information architecture, site copy, web content marketing and planning, SEO, image management, all messaging and managing embedded tracking codes for different advertisers. The site is completely mobile responsive.

» Website Disabilities Compliance (WCAG): Marden developed the company’s new website to be fully WCAG compliant. This allowed handicapped web browsers to access their site and is a core to this company’s mission.

» eCommerce: Marden developed a complete eCommerce marketing strategy and honing of the platform to maximize usability and analytics sales tracking, and to grow e-sales. Additionally, eCommerce sales (total sales, cart value and items per cart) increased considerably.

» Facebook Social Media Marketing: Marden created all Facebook advertising campaigns including – creating demographic targets, determining geographical range, monitoring and honing campaign performance over time for each live campaign, correlating Facebook demographic data with the site’s Google Analytics demographic data to increase its validity and usefulness, and correlating all Facebook posts with existing and new landing pages.

» Digital Advertising: Marden created and maintained all digital marketing accounts and relationships with several local media companies including The Times Union, Hearst Digital.

» Google Analytics: We monitored, analyzed and reported analytics data for usage across all marketing initiatives including traditional media correlations. This included developing the brand’s most effective demographic targets, employing data to determine a new site renovation’s direction and empirical strategy and allowing for A-B testing for many components of the site to drive improvements.

» Digital and All Account Security: Marden developed proper, secure account management for all accounts including web marketing, registrar, digital purchasing and eCommerce.

» Google AdWords: We developed Honest Weight’s complete Google, digital PPC campaigns. Additionally, we managed and analyzed all data over time to increase performance and ROI on all digital advertising spends.

» Competitive Domain Name Registration: A critical .COM version of their core domain name was squatted on by another owner. This domain name was found, negotiated for a good price, purchased and is now owned and pointed at

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“I would recommend Jeff for a high level marketing position within your organization, as I am certain he will be as valuable an asset to your marketing efforts and team as he has been to ours.”

Erin Martin
CFO, Honest Weight Food Co-op

“Using Marden Consulting was a great decision. Jeff helped us to plan everything and most importantly, making sure I understood the process every step of the way. He made what could have been a difficult project so easy. I am very happy with the final product. Thanks Jeff!”

Jennifer Grainer
Manager, Honest Weight Food Co-op