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Embedded Role for Honest Weight Food Co-op

Honest Weight critically needed immediate web marketing
assistance because of a short-term situation.


Honest Weight is a deceptively large, local cooperative grocery store who had gone through a significant HR and business structure re-organization.

Because of a long-standing relationship, Marden was asked to step in to create a web marketing position and take over all web marketing responsibilities. This embedded role was initially for a six month span and still continues.

Responsibilities include all digital marketing responsibilities including:

    • Web Development: Building the strategy, information architecture, site copy, web content marketing and planning, SEO, image management, all messaging and managing embedded tracking codes for different advertisers.
    • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliance: Marden developed the company’s new website, (which is still under development as of 1/17/2017,) to be fully ADA compliant. This allows handicapped web browsers to access their site and is a core to this company’s mission.
    • eCommerce: Developed complete eCommerce marketing strategy and honing of platform to maximize usability and analytics sales tracking.
    • Facebook Social Media Marketing: Creating all Facebook advertising campaigns including – creating demographic targets, determining geographical range, monitoring and honing campaign performance over time for each live campaign, correlating Facebook demographic data with the site’s Google Analytics demographic data to increase its validity and usefulness, and correlating all Facebook posts with existing and new landing pages.
    • Digital Advertising: Developing and maintaining digital marketing accounts and relationships with several local media companies including The Times Union, Hearst Digital.
    • Google Analytics: Monitoring, analyzing and reporting Analytics data for usage across all marketing including traditional media. This includes developing the brand’s most effective demographic targets, employing data to determine a new site renovation’s direction and empirical strategy and allowing for A-B testing for many components of the site to drive improvements.
    • Digital and All Account Security: Developed proper, secure account management for all accounts including web marketing, registrar, digital purchasing and eCommerce.
    • Google AdWords: Creating company’s complete Google digital PPC campaigns. Managing and analyzing to increase performance and ROI on this advertising spend.