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Embedded Web Marketing

A business’ web marketing needs can change so fast that often
a short-term, temporary embedded solution is all that is needed.


Marden Consulting can be embedded into your company anywhere from short to long-term. 

We have been embedded in companies for up to six months. In this capacity, we can assume any role that is needed by the client including but not limited to:

» Temporary based upon needs for individual events or campaigns or unexpected human resource needs and situations,

» Creating of your web marketing department, developing job descriptions, training and professional development of your in-house staff,

» Assisting or managing the creation of in-house web marketing teams or departments,

» Assisting or managing web marketing initiatives for varied industry-specific startups, or

» Assisting with a company’s market or product expansions

If your need is short or long-term, I look forward to discussing your options. There’s no one set situation so I welcome discussing how I can support your needs.