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Your graphical brand identity – your logo – is the first emotional
connection your market has with you.


Obviously, we’ve all seen successful and impactful brand logos – they come to mind quickly. On the other hand, it takes considerably more effort to think of brand logos that either didn’t work to identify the brand or were just poorly created and missed the mark.

When we create a brand ID, we take into account all personality characteristics and brand dynamics.

Not only will we create an effective logo for your company, we deliver file types that can be effectively used in print, signage and all other media.

Below is a very small selection of the brand IDs that Marden Consulting has created over the years.


Marden Consulting’s brand ID had complexities that worked themselves out in the final build. Our services are wide-spread and varied but all under the umbrella of marketing – specifically web marketing. Our brand was created in the Internet’s infancy at our launch in 1999 so the market’s needs and the brand’s personality were still developing.

Not only does this brand ID work well in the web world, it is also a strong physical print presence for business cards, letterheads, etc.


LaFave, Wein & Frament, LLP are a medium sized, powerful personal injury law firm in NY’s Capital District. They have long roots in the area and are growing strong. Those things plus a previous brand ID necessitated a creative way to re-position the firm and the brand.

This brand ID allowed us to communicate the elegance of the firm and its history while communicating a foundational voice to position the firm strongly in its market.

This branding work also allowed the firm to go with all new printed material.


World Outdoor Products is an outdoor equipment company that was in need of a full site renovation and new branding. They are a very strong e-Commerce site that had outgrown their commerce platform and their brand.

Marden created for them a new brand ID, messaging and launched their new identity on a new e-Commerce site that showed increased profit and brand penetration from day one. The site launch showed how the brand ID worked to support their sales.


Hasselbarth Law was an interesting project. Their ID needs encompassed the full marketing spectrum including web, print and signage, just to name a few.

To make the brand ID work, we had to bring together all of their emotive qualities, the owner/attorney’s family have been in business in NY’s Capital District for about a hundred years, they have an unusually, wide set of offerings and they had recently purchased another law firm. We worked to create an ID that was simple, sophisticated and characterized their personality.


KAIRION was similar to Hasselbarth Law in that this was a completely new entity that required an ID that could be used in all media.

What made this brand project fascinating is that it has an original product set – it hadn’t existed before it was created by KAIRION. Additionally, their target market has very disparate components: academia, university research, colleges and universities themselves. Additionally, there is a predicted growth plan that could encompass journalism and print.


Zeitler & Zeitler, CPA’s  is a local, brick and mortar, family owned CPA business. This project, like others, required a sensitive approach that brought together all the different components of the company while keeping it personal. Their new brand ID included – what became clearly evident after launch – effective messaging. That messaging has become a component of their brand ID that speaks clearly to the characteristics of the company.


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