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Web Development

Marden helps you efficiently build and renovate your
web presence to 
bring people, systems and data together.


While designing and building your site, Marden tailors your plans to suit your particular needs. Our deep commitment to customer service ensures that we will work closely with you from development through deployment and afterwards.

For starters, Marden’s development services include:

» Content management (CMS) development from WordPress to enterprise level propitiatory,

» Static web development,

» eCommerce,

» Automated web applications,

» Blog, and

» Brand, logo & graphic development

All of our development is built on a very strong and reliable web marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) foundation. Even if your initial scope of work does not include SEO, it will be built with the foundation already in place. This gives your site several additional significant advantages:

» Immediate SEO growth and capabilities from the date of your launch,

» Significantly higher ROI on your initial build or renovation costs, and

» Lower SEO costs and more effective SEO output down the road should your site move into that area

Our responsive designs and site capabilities allow your site to be viewed and effective on all mobile devices of any brand, resolution or type – without having to build a mobile device-specific site. This means you’re going to have an intrinsic competitive advantage and higher usable web base, tremendously increasing your ROI.

» Contact us today for a complimentary discussion about your web needs and any
development you might be thinking about.

“Jeff has been working for us for the past fifteen years as our Web Master and Web Site Designer. His knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our website up to date and profitable.”

Paul B. Harding
Managing Partner
Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP ®