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Marden’s Assessment reports bring you clarity about the performance
& reliability of your site – from both the technical and marketing sides.


Marden Consulting offers detailed assessments for existing web systems and sites in two critical areas: engineering and marketing. These assessments determine how well a web system is performing in these areas – and how it can be improved – both strategically and tactically.

» Marketing Assessment:

  • Is the site positioned for maximum usability, effective voice and market penetration?
  • Are the right people getting to your web site? Are they getting there in significant enough numbers? Once there, does your web site speak their language in ways that will motivate them into pursuing what your organization has to offer?
  • Marden’s Marketing Assessment addresses your firm’s digital marketing initiatives and discusses ways to further your presence. These strategic assessments are often the first step in creating an actionable plan to meet an organization’s online marketing needs.

» Engineering Assessment: Is your site technically sound and reliable?
Marden’s Engineering Assessment focuses on the technical side of your site.

  • We verify whether your site works across the browsers, computers and mobile devices that your market uses.
  • We assess the reliability of the internal coding and link – navigational structure of your site as well as the server environment it resides on.
  • Is your site handicapped accessible?
  • Has your site been recently updated to stay current with the latest in standards, as well as with changes within your business?

Your Engineering Assessment Report will answer all of these questions and open conversations as to how all of these items are supporting your overall business goals.

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“Jeff has been working for us for the past fifteen years as our Web Master and Web Site Designer. His knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our website up to date and profitable.”

Paul B. Harding
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